Managing Director, Smart Group

Mr. Deepak kumar Choudhury is a pioneering figure in eastern part of India's Business world. His strict adherence to quality and commitment helped him to stand apart from the competition. He has a vast experience in Real Estate, FMCG and Consumable Industry.

He is leading Smart Group which has companies in various sectors such as Real Estate, Hospitality and Finance. All this has been achieved in a very short span of time. He started his journey as Business Proprietor and continued to diversify his business empire in empire into a limited company in 2016 as smart housing buildcon limited. The company is reaching the desired height.

Mr. Choudhury is a self made entrepreneur who started his career with less than $10 and today he is executing projects worth over $1 billion. Smart Group is an unlisted closely held yet professionally managed company run by an experienced board of directors. Mr. Choudhury started his career as a Medical Representative, Worked As Area Manager, Regional Manager & Zonal Manager in Pfizer Ltd, Alkem Laboratories Ltd., FDC LTD. He later joined the Real Estate sector as Director and then started a company with different partners in Construction and Real Estate segments. A major milestones 2017, Jamshedpur Agro Industries Ltd. And Smart Group Hotels in 2018. Smart Group Hotels are owned and leased properties in different location of India.


As a managing Director Mr. Choudhury diversified the group into new business areas of development such as Hospitality, Real Estate and Finance. His hard work, determination and effort opens the door for the group across Asia. Under his Leadership The Smart Group of Hotels and Smart Nidhi Finance Limited. Mr. Choudhury shiGed his focus on developing hospitality and finance sector. He is focused on contributing to the real estate and infrastructure which is the growth driver for development of India. He is a true leader who wishes to see the nation empowered. Smart Housing Group is a young and vibrant realty company with lots of passion and burning ambitions. Passion to built unmatched structures with innovative designs, fresh ideas, beautiful aesthetics and high end technology, and an ambition to raise the bar the way people live, work and play. Their ethos are reflected in their work. What they promise, they promise with their heart & soul. Their satisfaction lies in seeing it fulfilled to the fullest. When you get something extra to enjoy your life in a better way, they share your pleasure. And with each added number of their smiling customer, the feeling grows stronger. Their pride and joy lies in improving the quality of life and they do meet customer aspirations by adding value to their project design, customer services, meeting deadlines or even thinking creatively. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Their construction quality and projects related activities conform to the ISO standards. AGer successful delivery of 13 projects, Smart Housing Group have emerged as a leading name in designing residential colonies with state of art infrastructure.

Year of experience: Over 25 years
  1. Always dream big – This quality has led Mr. Choudhury to achieve his goals in life easily.
  2. Aggression for work – He is very particular about his work and is always leading from the front. He is an inspiration to his team.
  3. Punctuality – He believes n the principle 'Time and Tide waits for none'. Implementation of ideas at a well defined time stands with him always.
  4. Continuous learning – He is a quick learner, He never hesitates to learn from his staff, employees or anyone etc. His belief is the learning continuous, no matter how old your are or from whom you are learning.
  5. Never fail to try more – AGer server failures he sussed in life. Financially he faced many problems but his strong will power to overcome difficulties always dominated the bad phase. He says never let anything break your will.
  6. Partner with the right people.
  7. Anything worth doing requires persistence.